Monday, May 2, 2016

You Know What They Say...

The time has finally arrived.  The for sale sign is up!  You've given the walls a fresh coat of paint, cleared the clutter from the counters and removed all family photos.  Your house looks so good you'd buy it from yourself!
    So what's this curb appeal about?  Think of the outside of your home and what it's saying to potential buyers.  We like to think about the outside of your home as setting the mood for showings and open houses.  Does it convey feelings of clutter or neatness?  Is it warm and inviting, cheerful and happy or chaotic with weeds and bare patches of grass?  You can see how the saying about first impressions  is true and they really do matter!  Here are some of our favorite ways you can improve the curb appeal of your home and set the stage for a great buyer experience. We are going to help your house sing with curb appeal.

Give the front door a fresh coat of paint or stain.  Choose something that compliments your house color and is cheery.

Plant flowers outside during the spring and summer months.  Nothing makes a home come alive more than fresh floral accents inside and out.  And go ahead and think outside of the box... How about large potted plants in front of the house so that when you move you get to take your plants with you? Or how about adding some window boxes?

Camouflage any eye sores, repair fencing, pull weeds and makes sure your lawn has been freshly mowed.

Address areas that need repair.  Refasten sagging gutters, repoint brinks that have lost their mortar, reseal cracked asphalt, straighten shutters, replace cracked windows and damaged screens.

Give your house a bath! Grab the hose and give it a good spray down.  You could also rent a power washer if it's really dirty.

Not only will these little things make a big difference in the mood of your potential buyers but it will show in the offers your receive.

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