Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2013 Parade of Homes

New Construction Maves Construction Maves Group Keller Williams
It's time for the 2013 
Grand Junction Area Parade of Homes 

This will give you the chance to see 14 homes by various builders in the valley. 
The Parade runs Sept 27-29 and Oct 5-6
Tickets are available at all City Market locations for just $10ea. 

Below is info on the house being built by my husband, Michael Maves at Maves Construction. This home was built for us personally. I hope you are as excited about the finishes as I am! Be prepared to see some things you have likely never seen before! 

Rustique Chic by Maves Construction, Inc

This Rustique Chic home is a modern twist on the typical Rocky Mountain rustic design that Maves Construction has been known for building for nearly a quarter of a century. This home will show you that it is not only possible, but also quite beautiful when you merge different design flavors. This home began with Michael’s love of the outdoors and added elements of urban modern, which Kelly loves. The home was designed to optimize views in every direction with intentional window placement towards the ideal view corridors. With careful planning this home was designed to maximize entertaining and family space while still making the sleeping spaces not only comfortable, but a place to truly find rest. The outdoor space becomes a part of the home by incorporating eating and living space, as well as a dramatic barbeque and fireplace focal point. A second story bonus room that is actually a “bonus” with plenty of room to relax and unwind as a family or with guests. By blending the various textures of stucco, wood, stone, plush carpet and some unique tile designs, as well as a few surprise design elements it will be hard to find a favorite feature in this home! 

 We are looking forward to seeing you at the Parade! Be sure to say HI! 
If you are interested in discussing your next construction project, Commercial or Residential, contact Maves Construction at 970-858-9642

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New FHA Rule Allows Some Foreclosed Homeowners to Buy After 1 Year

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recently announced a significant mortgage rule change that will allow some borrowers to get a new FHA loan just one year after a foreclosure, short sale, deed-in-lieu or bankruptcy as part of the new “Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances” program.
To be eligible for the program, borrowers must be able to prove that a major economic event such as a job loss or severe reduction in income (20 percent for at least six months) was the main catalyst in losing their home. In addition, borrowers will need to show that their income has since fully recovered, and their credit score must be satisfactory. Finally, potential borrowers will need to complete a one-hour one-on-one housing counseling session. Borrowers will need to meet all other FHA eligibility criteria.
To be deemed with “satisfactory credit,” borrowers will need to meet the following guidelines for a minimum of 12 months:
  • No history of delinquency on rental housing payment.
  • No more than one 30-day late payment due to other creditors.
  • No collection accounts/court records reporting (other than medical and/or identity theft).
Prior to the major economic event, the borrower’s credit must have been satisfactory and in good standing.
However, even with the new rules, whether a particular borrower actually gets financing is ultimately at the discretion of individual lenders — even if the FHA rules say they can lend, individual lender rules could be significantly tighter, prohibiting them from lending below certain preset standards.

Do you know somebody who this could apply to? Contact The Maves Group at or 970-414-0956 to see how we can get you back on track towards home ownership! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's Your Walk Score?

Grand Junction Walk Score Real Estate

As people become more active in cultural/community events it becomes ever more important for them to live close to those activities. But how by simply looking at a listing can you tell whether that property will work for you? 

It will give you restaurants, grocery stores, outdoor places, schools, etc that are all within walking distance of the home

Take these current listings for example:
Click on the walk score or property address to learn more

Grand Junction Real Estate Maves Group Walk Score
926 N. 9th Street, Grand Junction, CO 
Currently listed at $135,000
2 bedroom, 1 bath built in 1937

Grand Junction Real Estate walk score Maves Group
 1353 N. 24th Street, Grand Junction, CO 
Currently Listed at $132,500
3 bedroom, 1.5 bath built in 1954

Grand Junction Real Estate Walk Score

636 N. 4th Street, Grand Junction, CO 
Currently Listed at $133,900
2 bedroom, 1 bathroom built in 1905

2721 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, CO
Currently Listed at $137,000
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom built in 1977

As you can see the walk score can vary greatly! If being able to be free from your car is important to you contact The Maves Group at 970-414-0956! We can help you find the perfect property, although we may drive you there to take a look! :)