Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's Your Walk Score?

Grand Junction Walk Score Real Estate

As people become more active in cultural/community events it becomes ever more important for them to live close to those activities. But how by simply looking at a listing can you tell whether that property will work for you? 

Visit www.walkscore.com 
It will give you restaurants, grocery stores, outdoor places, schools, etc that are all within walking distance of the home

Take these current listings for example:
Click on the walk score or property address to learn more

Grand Junction Real Estate Maves Group Walk Score
926 N. 9th Street, Grand Junction, CO 
Currently listed at $135,000
2 bedroom, 1 bath built in 1937

Grand Junction Real Estate walk score Maves Group
 1353 N. 24th Street, Grand Junction, CO 
Currently Listed at $132,500
3 bedroom, 1.5 bath built in 1954

Grand Junction Real Estate Walk Score

636 N. 4th Street, Grand Junction, CO 
Currently Listed at $133,900
2 bedroom, 1 bathroom built in 1905

2721 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, CO
Currently Listed at $137,000
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom built in 1977

As you can see the walk score can vary greatly! If being able to be free from your car is important to you contact The Maves Group at 970-414-0956! We can help you find the perfect property, although we may drive you there to take a look! :) 

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