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If life were a movie, you would need Brad Pitt or the father-son duo of Will and Jaden Smith in order to survive the end of the world. But because life isn’t a movie, we’re going a slightly more practical route and sharing some homes that would actually make it through an apocalypse — zombie or otherwise.

’50s Shelter

shoreline bomb shelter
This 1950s home includes a bomb shelter that has remained untouched and includes many original “survival” items. The rest of the house may not be designed for the end of the world, but it’s an ideal family home — updated, spacious and offering 3 bedrooms.

Forest Hideout

262 tonys xrds drifting pa
A residence described as an “impenetrable fortress” could likely handle a scourge of zombies. The home was designed by a “security mastermind” and includes three stainless steel fortified entry doors and a water purification and filtration system.

40 Feet Under

87 Hale Hill Ln, Lewis, NY
For sale: $750,000
Strong enough to host the Atlas nuclear missile in the 1960s, this home will keep you safe in a living space with steel walls 40 feet underground. Although the missile silo is livable, it still holds many of the original features of the launch pad, including the big red launch button.

Survival Bunker

snowflake bunker
Not only does this property include a “survival bunker,” but the owner went to lengths to disguise it. The bunker is located at the end of a desert road, at a “seemingly unfinished construction site.” The well house hides the entrance to the two-room steel-and-concrete bunker, which also includes a 10-foot by 10-foot bank vault.

Luxury Home and Bomb Shelter

undisclosed address, Santa Fe, NM
For sale: $2.495 million
bomb shelter NM
The Spanish-style mansion is stunning, but it didn’t make the list for its tile floors and wood-beamed ceilings but for the bomb shelter on the property. Two cellar doors open to reveal the perfect place to hide out while a meteorite crashes to Earth.


20745 Titan Rd. Sturgis SD
For sale: $275,000
sturgis sd station
If living below ground isn’t appealing, try an above-ground missile silo: This one in Sturgis, SD once held a Titan missile and now houses a metal shop with living quarters. The Titan rockets were designed to destroy incoming enemy missiles. They were hosted in silos throughout the country before their dismantling in the late 1980s.

Earth Station

jamesburg earth station
The Jamesburg Earth Station received the first images from the moon in 1969. The station was built to “military specifications” and able to withstand a 5-megaton nuclear blast. End of the world survival home? No problem. The 60-acre lot also features a separate home and barn.
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