Friday, October 23, 2015

Lifestyle Living

You've heard it said, "Location, Location, Location". Its always been the most important thing when looking for a new home. We, however would like to challenge you to think about another one. "Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle" Often times when we are working with a client they have it set in their heads that they need 2500 sq/ft with a price of $350,000. What we would then ask is what those clients want in their 2500 sq/ft. Do they need 4 bedrooms? I've seen 1200 sq/ft floor-plans with 4 bedrooms. Do they want two living areas? Large kitchen? Will one bedroom be used as an office? This means one can be a bit smaller than a bedroom. 

Take a look at these two examples that are currently for sale in the area...

This home is priced at $375,000, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms on 7.98 acres. 3003 sq/ft in the North Area. 
Click here for more info on this home. 

This home is priced at $329,900, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms on less than .25 acre 4046 sq/ft in Downtown Grand Junction. Click here for more info on this home

Both of these homes are lovely, not one better than the other. Both offer equal bedrooms/bathrooms with nearly 1000 sq/ft size difference. Which one are you more drawn towards. Does the thought of being downtown make you want to dry heave? Maybe the idea of having nearly 8 acres gets your creative wheels spinning at the possibilities. Or maybe you love the idea of walking to the parades downtown and the isolation of no close neighbors brings back memories of The Shining.

What does your lifestyle look like? Do you spend non-working hours at home or are you on the go constantly and just need a place to crash. Are you a lover of the dirt and as soon as you clock out are you out at the lunch loops? Do you need storage space for your bike/kayak/ski collection but you could care less if your Subaru is sitting out in the cold? Where are your favorite places to hang out? Maybe you eat out on Main Street 3 nights/week and only ride on the weekends. Let's look at houses downtown where you could easily walk to dinner. Maybe all of this sounds like torture to you, do you yearn for wide open spaces but still want to be 10 minutes to town? Could it be possible that a smaller house on a larger lot would be exactly what you are looking for? Maybe your kiddos are in a charter school, you work up valley in the oil field and the lady of the house wants to be connected at the Country Club? Let's think about the North area of town. 

 We know a lot of this boils down to location, however there is really more to it than that. When we work with clients it's not about finding them a house, it's about finding them someplace to LIVE! 

If you want to do a lifestyle analysis we would love to sit down with you. Let's evaluate your lifestyle and see if it matches up with your ideas in a home! 

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