Thursday, May 26, 2016

Favorite Pinterest Trends

We all love pinterest right? Well we've saved you hours of your precious time of scrolling through pin after pin to bring you the hot trending home styles currently taking 2016 by storm.
Typographic Art - It's cool, it's trendy, it looks expensive.... it's a total DIY that you can get step by step instructions for here from  All you need is a few basic supplies like magazines, scissors, a glue stick and some paint and you are well on your way.  We may give this a try and see if we can be typographic Picassos.
Neutral Tones - We can't gush enough about gray okay?  It's all about that gray,  bout that gray, no pur-ple.  All joking aside, neutral tones bring a peaceful atmosphere to any room and also make it easier to show when it comes time to sell.  Check out this article from Studio M to see some great neutral interior design.
Pops of Color - Okay I know we just said neutral is on point, however a pop of color mixed into those neutrals gives a room life.  Think pillows, throws, flowers, lamps etc.  Not too much though cuz we aren't going for circus theme, just a happy splash.  Check out these examples from deocor8blog.
Graphic Throw Pillows - How about some bright abstract pillows?  We think these are super fun and can give a great statement to any room.  Mix and match and have fun.  These are great because they start at $20 each.  If you haven't checked out Society6, what are you waiting for?  It's got a little bit of everything unique.
We hope you enjoyed these up and coming trends.  Let us know if you find something unique that brings your home to life.

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